Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs Public Relations

Business organizations in any sector need to have a mutually beneficial relationship with their stakeholders, including customers and partners, to succeed. Meaningful connection is not built overnight. It is established steadily and requires consistency, creativeness and innovativeness in efforts to last.

In this aspect, the field of public relations (PR) plays a significant role by focusing on building effective communication between companies and their target audiences. PR is a form of a communication system that functions as a bridge between organizations and their publics. Without a well-established PR plan, businesses of all sizes will soon find themselves facing challenges in terms of effectively connecting, influencing and engaging with their target markets.

The importance of public relations to your business cannot be ignored, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic that calls for the implementation of a new strategy that is responsive to the needs of the times. In Dubai and the UAE, many companies collaborate with PR agencies to fill gaps in their communications needs. The number of PR agencies in Dubai and the UAE has increased manyfold over the years alongside the demand for communications solutions coming from local and global corporations operating in and outside the country.

One of the unique features of these agencies is that they have regional networks. Orient Planet Group (OPG), for instance, extends its PR expertise across the Arabian Gulf, Levant, Egypt, and North Africa, while headquartered in Dubai, UAE. It maintains key offices in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, and Jordan.

Generally speaking, there are many reasons why you, as a business organization, should formulate and invest in your PR strategies or partner with a public relations firm with extensive experience and a deeper market knowledge, and below are our top five:

1. Increased Brand Awareness:
One of the key tasks of any PR firm is to create awareness or recognition of your products, with the end goal of making your target customers select your offerings instead of your competitors. With brand recall, customers will highly likely choose your products or services over unfamiliar ones.

By systematically promoting your brand, PR experts are increasing the level of customer consciousness about your products and services – leading to higher sales, stronger relationships and unwavering customer loyalty.

The best PR companies in Dubai, for instance, are instrumental in coming up with both traditional and digital tactics necessary to enhance the brand awareness of your consumers in the emirate, the country and across the region. For digital PR strategies targeted ads are often launched to hype the brand for increased recognition.

2. Improved Online Presence:
In today’s digital age, having a robust online presence is a must. But being online is not enough. You need to improve your brand’s virtual presence to stand out and attract the right attention. It is, thus, important to strategize and employ a digital campaign approach that fits and enhances your brand image. A PR company with a proven track record can help you strengthen your online presence, make you ahead of your market rivals and, most importantly, influence your customers’ buying decisions.

There are numerous ways to improve your online presence. Many PR firms will tell you that expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), active social media accounts and uniquely designed websites, to name a few, are all part and parcel of building an impressive presence in the virtual world.

3. Excellent Brand Reputation:
To win consumer trust and confidence, you need to build an excellent brand reputation. Doing so needs consistent PR efforts to share your unique value proposition that can shape or influence the public perception of your brand. PR specialists are equipped to build a brand reputation that impresses and persuades. Furthermore, you win precious customer loyalty if you can build an outstanding reputation.

Any public relations agency in Dubai or other parts of the world will advise you that, apart from regular brand monitoring, exceptional customer experience and constant innovation of products and services make for exceptional brand reputation.

4. Robust Community Relations:
PR and communications experts can help your brand establish two-way communication with your target market, implementing your relevant community initiatives and strengthening your connection with your stakeholders. Establishing robust community relations is vital to creating customer trust and winning customer loyalty.

A public relations company focuses on community relations to help bolster a brand’s image in the eyes of its target markets. A corporate citizen with good relations with its community can enjoy stronger community support and higher awareness of its products or services.

5. Improved Sales and Profit: With an excellent brand reputation established over time through the help of your PR team, you can form a loyal customer base. This converts to sales, thus influencing the bottom line.

Initiating sustained but effective PR campaigns entails heavy investments, but it yields immense benefits such as higher public visibility and brand recall, better integrity, stronger ties with communities and more robust stakeholder support. Overall, these benefits are expected to result in improved sales and profit levels that meet, if not exceed, your target.

To deploy effective PR campaigns, it is significant to partner with the experts. Collaborating with a PR agency now can significantly make a difference in your business strategy and success.

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