Digital marketing trends to watch out for
in the Middle East in 2021

The importance of digital presence is one of the biggest lessons that every company has learned during this COVID-19 pandemic as consumers radically shifted to accessing everything online. This rapid movement has changed the course of communication, and digital marketing, almost overnight. Brands have learned that to maintain their distinctiveness and adapt to the new ways of doing business, they must fully embrace the value of digital communications.

Yes, customers expect a lot more from businesses now and to keep with customer expectations in 2021, companies have begun to align their digital marketing strategies with the following trends.

Rise of short-form video content: In 2020, we saw video content becoming an integral part of any business’ marketing strategy. In fact, brands belonging to almost all industries and sectors have already made considerable progress with their video content strategies. This is because brief, catchy videos that effectively summarize a brand’s vision and activities stay on top of customers’ mind, thanks to the impactful nature of visual content.

Flexible digital business strategies: Flexibility, along with creativity, is key to enriching user experience on digital media platforms. Marketeers are likely to increasingly roll out virtual events and experiences for audiences to engage them outside of their conventional sales messaging in 2021. We might see more brands leveraging shop and other features that will also allow purchases through their social media pages. Examples for this emerging trend already exist on all major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

Augmented reality (AR) & virtual reality (VR): The use of AR and VR in digital marketing is yet another trend to watch out for in the new year. Many businesses might even combine them to create 3D environments that can help build emotional bonds between its products and the customers. Therefore, this is a trend that has the potential to dominate both the present and future of digital marketing.

Virtual events are here to stay: In 2020, companies in the region were able to ensure participation of wider audiences in their events by going virtual. Thanks to this realization, it is likely that many business events will remain virtual for a foreseeable future not only because of continued health safety concerns, but also because they eliminate visa issues and travel restrictions, in addition to considerably reducing costs.

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