COVID - 19

COVID-19: Active Crisis Communication Response Team

There is no doubt that the ongoing coronavirus disease (COVID-19) crisis is going to change the face of crisis communication forever, just like how it is changing individual lives, government policies, economies and businesses around the globe. The situation continues to unfold and we are navigating unchartered territories.

Working remotely and meeting virtually have become the new normal and organizations are working hard to deal with the challenges these disruptions have created. Although businesses with clearly defined crisis communications strategies are well-equipped to proactively respond to this situation, a flexible approach and long term perspectives are necessary to make businesses' recovery from the crisis more sustainable.

Orient Planet Group has adapted to the 'new normal' and remain fully prepared to support organizations in managing, restructuring and strengthening crisis communication strategies. Our active crisis response team is well equipped to assist both public and private sector organizations in taking control of the situation by helping them decide on their messaging, craft effective responses and address the media.

To enable organizations effectively communicate their activities during these times, we employ our expertise in crisis management, reputation management, social media content creation, and storytelling, to name a few. Let us emerge from this crisis with a deeper understanding of how businesses can be more resilient to setbacks, more productive, and thrive in the face of challenges.

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