Orient Planet RASD

Media coverage

Orient Planet RASD provides a comprehensive and detailed coverage of traditional and new media in the Middle East today.
  • Newspapers and Magazines
  • Preferred by most organizations in the Middle East, print media offers an effective way of transmitting messages to readers
  • Orient Planet RASD scans published materials for mentions of company, brand, products, services and competitors
  • We provide delivery of the latest monitoring and documentation on a daily or monthly basis
Broadcast Media: Television and Radio
  • Reaching more than 300 million in the Middle East, Television and Radio are still among the most powerful media in the region
  • OP RASD streams and monitors Television and Radio stations and programs 24/7. It provides clients detailed report of the coverage of their company or services in these media. We also provide clips for analysis
Digital Media: Online Sources
  • Middle East has an internet penetration rate of 51 per cent* of the total population. Due to this, monitoring online sources presents great deals for clients to know the latest business opportunities in the digital world
  • OP RASD provides specific and general monitoring services (24/7) of online sources to suit clients' requirements
Social Media: Social Networking Sites
  • With around 197 million of internet users*, many have incorporated the use of social media in their daily lives. Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp are some of the most widely used to communicate across the region
  • OP RASD tracks social network sites to know social media perception of companies or brands. Clients are given reports on how social media affects their company reputation, value and sales
Monitoring Services 24/7 Fully Interactive Online Dashboard

Orient Planet RASD monitors online sources 24/7. We provide charts and trends to help our clients visualize the monitoring coverage.

Daily Media Monitoring
  • Orient Planet RASD provides Daily Media Monitoring Analysis to its clients
  • The report informs the clients about the country, publication, date, PR value and circulation of each clip
  • Orient Planet RASD guarantees that all the client's clips will be monitored, compiled, analyzed and delivered on a daily basis
Monthly Media Monitoring
  • Provides a comprehensive monthly compilation of where your stories, brands or services have been featured.
  • Helps clients understand the value, impact and media coverage of their companies or brands.
  • With data visualizations (graphs, charts) to show the volume and breakdown of computed data relevant to the monitoring.
Social Media Monitoring Features advanced social media tools capable of measuring sentiments, tracking mentions and monitoring conversations.